Frequently Asked Questions
How does this site work?

This site is a Paid To Click system. It helps Business Owner/webmasters to promote their sites and affiliate/referral links from other programs.
And for member that looking to make money, for each site you visit using our system you'll receive cash,
This you can collect and withdraw it, or use it buy advertising for your own business!

Is it free to participate?

Yes, it is absolutely free! But you can upgrade to get more benefits and max your earning!

How many accounts can I create?

Members are limited to one account per person. If you create more than one account, all your accounts will be terminated.
However, you are welcome to refer your relatives to earn more from the commission that you will receive from your downline and team!

Can I refer my relatives to Traffic4Profit?

Yes, you are welcome to refer your relatives and friends.

Can I use Traffic4Profit services from different devices and locations?

Please feel free to use our services from any location with any compatible device.

How can I get earning or make money?

To start earning you must sign up, log in to your members account, and click on the "Earning" button.

And what about your referral program?

With our referral program you'll receive 10% Commission from every Ads purchase by people whom you've referred.

How can I refer new members?

You can tell your friends about this site and give them a special link such as:
You can also put our banners on your site. We have created a lot of different banners to help you refer new members.

Can I earn money on your Web site?

We pay you up to 7 level deep for every person you refer who upgrade their account (everytime they extend the membership you receive cash bonus for each referral).
*For Standart Membership
- you will receive 33% from your first level Refferal when they purchase or extend the membership
- you will earn 20% from your referral click value from each referral that you have

**For PLATINUM Membership
- you will receive commission from level 1 (33%), level 2 (22%), level 3 (11%), level 4 (10%), level 5 (9%), level 6 (8%), level 7 (7%)
everytime they make the upgrade or extend their membership (Total all 100% we give back to member)

You earn 10% commissions from all purchases of Advertising made by your first level referrals (All Membership).

Don't forget that you can promote other programs and build your downline there as well.


Please note.
The site is designed as a Paid To Click Advertising System, and the bonus that members receive for surfing is simply an added benefit.
The site is not designed to encourage people to work full time to make money.

How can I receive my payment?

The minimum payout amount is only $2.00. We pay through Perfect Money and Payeer.
Payouts are done within 24 Hours on average. You can submit your payout request using the "Cashout" link on the "Withdrawal" page.

What is PLATINUM Membership?

For members that use Traffic4Profit on a regular basis upgrading to Platinum membership is a way to maximize your income.
As Platinum member you will receive 7 level downline commission and you will receive 100%/same amount click value earnings from your direct referral.

Will I lose my referrals when my paid membership expires?

Yes, if you have more direct referral than the standart membership maximum direct referral

I have no time to surf but i still want to earn additional income. What can I do?

You can refer Traffic4Profit to your friend or relative to make your team grow and this will make a passive income for you.

I want to promote my website in Traffic4Profit, how about the price?

You can purchase visits at extremely low prices to promote your business in Traffic4Profit, Prices start from $0.05 per 100 visits!

Can I submit site with Google AdSense block on it?

Please avoid submission of sites with AdSense ads to any Paid To Click website.
This is against Google AdSense Program Policies and may result in cancellation of your Google AdSense account.

Do you accept non-English ads?

Non-English ads can be submitted with appropriate language targeting only.

How other users have lots of referrals and I have just 2 at the moment?

You can invite your friends to join Traffic4Profit. You can also promote Traffic4Profit on other Paid To Click Website or traffic exchanges,
put links on your own website, or just share info about Traffic4Profit with your friends.

Don't forget to refer people by your referral link that can be found on the "Referrals" page.

Can I refer new members using spam?

If we receive any reports about you promoting service using unsolicited email, your account will be terminated and all credits and money you've earned will be lost.

I have a porno/warez/cracks site. Can I participate?

No! Please read our "Terms of Service".

I've found a bug or mistake on your site.

Please report it to us. We will reward your account with free credits for helping us build the best Paid To Click Website on the market.

I couldn't find the answer to my question.

Just contact us. We are sure we can find solutions and answers to any problems or questions you might have.